Friday, June 26, 2009

10 Weeks!

Samantha is a beautiful, smart, 10-week old girl! Her fussiness has definitely decreased, though she'll still let me know when she's bored and needs a different view or activity. She slept through the night Wednesday night and last night! She's noticed her hands and cracks me up when she crosses her eyes trying to look at them. She will hold on to toys that I put in her hand and watch as she waves them around. She's figured out that she can make the mobile over her cradle move by kicking and rolling around.

2 month shots were a little rough. She got a low-grade fever and slept and cried a lot for the next two days. She refused to be held by anyone other than her parents and she did NOT appreciate being hauled all over town two days after her shots to pick up her birth certificate, try out her new jogging stroller, and go out to dinner with Mommy's friends.

She's a lot of fun now that she's more interactive and I'm getting more than 2 hours of sleep at a time!

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