Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tax Baby - an update

To sum up the last six months or so, we found on on August 8, 2008 that we would be welcoming a new family member around April 16, 2009. After getting a positive home pregnancy test, we went out to Subway to celebrate (that was before I knew about the risk of contracting listeriosis from cold lunch meat).

I called my sister to tell her the news and ask her if it was OK to tell our family the weekend of her wedding. We told my parents the day after the wedding by giving them "Grandmother" and "Grandfather" mugs. We flew back home that same day and told Andrew's parents by giving them a puzzle with the message on it. Then we called Andrew's sister. Later, we presented Andrew's grandmothers with cards that said "Guess What?" and "Surprise!" on the outside and cut-outs of baby-type shapes with the date April 16, 2009 on the inside. We were able to share the news with several of our friends in person and via Facebook and e-mail.

We found out that our baby is a precious girl on December 1. This thrilled Andrew's mom, who had already been collecting a few baby girl things since his sister got pregnant. She had a boy, so the girl things remained in the closet until now.

Pregnancy symptoms: I had some "morning" sickness all day from about week six through about week thirteen, but I was able to keep it at bay by snacking every hour. During the first trimester, I didn't have any cravings but I had two major aversions: pizza and french fries. After awhile the aversions went away and since then I have been craving pizza, spaghetti, and anything with tomato-based sauce. I was completely exhausted throughout the first trimester, but that went away. In addition, there are all manner of other symptoms that I'd rather not share online and anyone reading this would probably rather not know about.

Wild dreams: I have had some weird dreams. First, before we even knew she was there, I dreamt I had a baby and it was a Roomba. I had the dream where I put the baby down and couldn't remember where (fortunately they come with an alarm system to signal you when you lose them in real life). I dreamt I swam to Los Angeles with Andrew where I passed out and when I woke up I had had an emergency C-Section four months early, but there was no pain and we could tell the baby (a boy) was fine because he had a full head of hair just like his dad and was making complicated consonant combinations like sp- and sk-. We didn't have a car seat so my mom put the beautifully decorated Easter egg he had been born in back together, saying "You can never get these things back exactly the way they came." Then we put him back in his egg and about 10 family members piled in one car to go home. I dreamt I was pregnant but not married so I ran away to Europe where I met a man who was four inches tall. Weird.

I love feeling the baby move around! She beats up on me every morning and every evening. She gets especially excited when I eat sugar. We've even seen her move, which is particularly strange.

So now we have eleven more weeks before we get to hold our baby girl! It's a good thing, since there's still so much to be done!