Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday appointment update

Well, it looks like all the hard work I've been doing over the past week has all been practice contractions. I'm still 3 cm and 80%, but the CNM thinks the baby has moved down to -1. I was disappointed at the apparent lack of progress even though I know it doesn't mean much and I could go into labor at any minute. I guess she's comfy in there and I know I should enjoy these last few days of freedom. *Sigh* My ankles are swollen, my feet and back hurt, and there is a bowling ball in my belly that feels like it's about to bust out the bottom any second. I know I'm fortunate to have made it this far without this kind of discomfort. I work two more days and then start my leave! Hooray!

1 comment:

  1. here's hoping that bowling ball drops soon! I feel for you with the swollen ankles... I had them BAD with Jonah... luckily none so far with this one, but I guess I better get to knocking on some wood huh? ;)