Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heloooo? Anybody home?

My ticker says 1 day remaining! I thought it would never get here and now I wonder where the time went! Today was my last day at work and now I am just sitting and waiting. If I don't have a baby tonight I have a few things to do tomorrow:

Grade tests
Clean house
Get medical paper work from the 8/27/08 accident and fax it to Mr. Insurance Man

If I do have a baby tonight I have a few different things to do tomorrow.


  1. only one fun thing on the list?! hehe well... probably won't matter... she'll probably decide to stick around for another week or two so we end up in the hospital at the same time... so I guess you'll have plenty of time to scrap after you get all that important stuff done! ;) I laughed at the comment you made about the diaper bag on my blog. :) I'll be flattered! We'll just have to make sure who's is who's when we get together! hehe which will be regularly of course. I've already been scoping out places we can take the kiddos (parks, malls etc.) that are centrally located between us! :D

  2. your ticker is confused now. i really think it SHOULD put a - sign in front of the "number of days to go" now. But I guess if you click on the number enough times, it'll cycle around to the right phrasing of "40 WKS 2 DAYS SO FAR" :) Hope you have a baby soon. I'm getting excited! I'm down to single digits even now!

  3. That's funny. The ticker can count up, but not down past 0.