Monday, March 2, 2009

40 Days

That's a very, um, biblical amount of time. 40 days to go (and then some, probably)! I am so excited, but a little freaked out about how things are about to change forever.

Names: Right now, at this very moment, Andrew and I agree on our top three first names and our top two middle names. This may change, but I'm glad to have it sort of narrowed down so we have a short list to choose from when we see her.

Business arrangements: I still haven't interviewed doulas or pediatricians. It's on my list, but somehow I never get to it.

House: Apparently I have been nesting this weekend. There is still so much to do, but things are feeling a lot better around here.

Work: I stayed at work until LATE Friday making lesson plans for the long-term sub. I will probably do that every Friday from now until Babby arrives. Now about that grading...

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