Sunday, February 15, 2009

The to do list

And boy, is it a monster. Maybe if I post it here I'll be more inspired to actually do these things. Some of them are really long-term, but need to be done eventually.

write lesson plans for sub
get copies of everything for sub
get an overhead projector for sub
have student computer converted to teacher computer for sub
bring home as much stuff as possible
give away as much stuff as possible
finish arranging field trip
conduct delayed post test for thesis
fill out required leave of absence paperwork
find out about insurance and possible resignation date, last date of work
get technology equipment ready to turn in and all in one place - find out where/when to turn it in
find a new home for the laptops

hire a doula
read more books
take childbirth class
take breastfeeding class
pack a hospital bag

Babby's room:
remove exercise equipment
clean out closet
re-hang closet door
install new screws in the crib
disable the drop-side of the crib?
decorate the walls
wash clothes
wash diapers
wash and put on bedding
install curtain rod
install new blinds
cover circular window in fabric
buy and hang curtains for closet
organize clothes, diapers
get baskets for diaper stuff
get a hamper or laundry basket for laundry
get shelves for toys and books

assemble cradle
get a trash can and wet bags for diaper pail, wet bags for travel
get a diaper sprayer

find some way of keeping the cat out while keeping the door open

House stuff
lower water heater temp to 120 degrees
find, wash, and hang curtain (needs new curtain rod)
tighten curtain installations in living room
replace lightbulbs in living room, bathroom
declutter (garage sale? - probably not)
wash windows
give everything a good scrub

Major house stuff:
repair sprinkler system
new roof
new gutters
new grass
basic yard clean-up
open pool
schedule pool chemical service
new shower door
new baseboards in bathrooms
de-wallpaper and paint bathrooms
paint exterior
refinish garage door
see to the plumbing in the guest bathroom
new deck or remove and replace with grass
new door for upstairs bathroom

TNR the orange feral cat (I haven't seen him in over a week. Maybe we are lucky and he's gone this time.)
Write a thesis
Do the taxes


  1. Don't expect to get all this done before she gets here. There's stuff I wanted to do before Colton got here that hasn't happened! And don't worry about it after she comes either-just enjoy your new baby. That stuff doesn't matter.

  2. Hehe, your list is rivaling ours! I don't even dare try to put it to paper (or virtual paper even!) Like DeeJay said though, don't worry about getting it all done before she gets here or even afterwards. If you need help with anything, let us know though... we can trade handypeople favors! :)