Sunday, February 8, 2009

Did you know that you need baby stuff if you are going to have a baby?

It hadn't really dawned on me until recently how much stuff you need when you are going to have a baby. I mean, I guess we could make due with just a safe place to sleep, some diapers, and some clothes, but it would be really nice to have things to entertain the baby with as well as some of the baby-care items designed to make life a little easier with a child around the house. Yesterday my pal Amanda took me to Babies R Us and Target so we could both fill in gaps in our registries. Her motherly wisdom and experience were invaluable to me. I did not know that a bottle warmer would be useful, "disposable" plates and cups are great when washed and reused, and that if I'm going to get(TMI alert!) this I will probably want this, assuming Babby is OK with these. I didn't know how to attach toys to carriers and strollers, I didn't know to be mindful of the height of a stroller I'm considering, and I didn't know that baby medicines came with baby medicine droppers. It was an exhausting, informative, and productive experience. Thanks, Amanda!

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  1. glad to pass it all on. i had someone help me some with a few pointers here and there, but given that i wasn't working full time when i got baby fever, i had plenty of time to research all that fun stuff and read reviews and figure out which things are really worth having around, for sanity's sake. i am with you though, it was an utterly exhausting 5 hour shopping exedition, but still a wonderfully fun and much needed escape from the house where a little boy entering his terrible twos lives. ;)